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Aa’ishah (ra) said: “The Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam) used to accept gifts and reward people for giving them.” (Saheeh Bukhari)

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Regular gift boxes are available in a beautiful Black colour whilst the Deluxe is available in a sophisticated Olive Ivory colour.

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Are you looking for an Islamic gift that is just perfect for her? From mum, sister and niece to your best friends, work colleagues and of course who could forget the other half, why not give them something that they will remember for a long time to come?  Delight and spoil them with our carefully selected gifts showcased in our gorgeous gift boxes to make them feel special.

What sets us apart from the rest is that our boxes will be a surprise for the ladies and for yourself as well. In our gift box for her, you are guaranteed: 

  • One of our premium hijabs in a regular box (An extra in the deluxe box!)
  • A high-quality Bonnet or Ninja underscarf to wear under our premium hijabs
  • A set of exclusive Hidden Pearls hijab pins

In addition to the above items, you will also get 2 (3 for Deluxe) from the following:

  • A beautiful pair of earrings
  • Organically Sourced Mehndi
  • A gorgeous bow clip for her hair
  • An inspiring and motivational Islamic Book
  • Premium Chocolates to lift her mood (we are not talking 99p Haribos here!)
  • A Reliable Umbrella – So you don’t have to get wet for her!

This unique idea of affordable yet elegant Islamic Gifts for Her is exclusive to Hidden Pearls. We have tried and tested it and found our sisters were so delighted with our gift boxes they kept coming back for more. We were consistently told how they felt extra special when they received their gifts.

Exchange gifts, you will love one another – Prophet Muhammad (saw)

At NO extra cost to you, we can add a personal touch by including a Handwritten Note to her. Just leave your message in the additional instructions box on the checkout page and we will make sure that it is elegantly written on a premium piece of paper and included in her lovely gift box!  So go on, what are you waiting for!

A special note to our dear and valued customers 

We do not profess to be perfect Muslims but we strive hard to follow the principles of Islam, and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). We believe that it is not permissible for a Muslim to celebrate any Eids other than Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha. We believe that Islam does not condone celebrating Birthdays, Valentine’s day, and other festivals like such. It is obviously not up to us to judge others however we can humbly request our customers to not use our service for what we think is not allowed in Islam. So we will not like to include any personal messages like Happy Birthday or Happy Valentine with your gift box. Please note we do not mean to hurt anyone’s sensibilities or feelings and nor are we in any way passing a judgement on our brothers and sister who believe otherwise.

However, with above being said, The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Exchange gifts, you will love one another.” What the hadeeth means is that giving gifts may generate and increase love. Giving gifts to your parents, spouses, your relatives & your friends will only increase the love amongst you. We have personally witnessed how giving gifts makes one like each other and brings hearts closer to one another. There is also no reason to reserve our gifts for two occasions of Eid either!

  • Why not send your mother a frequent token of appreciation for all she has done for you since you were a baby!
  • Why not show your wife some love by bringing a smile to her face with a surprise gift!
  • Why not buy your daughter a nice gift when she is least expecting it to make her day!
  • Why not get a gift box for your friend when you are going to see her for a cuppa after a long time!

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