5 Massive Misconceptions about Muslim Women
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5 Massive Misconceptions About Muslim Women

At a time when the world is ripe with Islamophobia the image of a Muslim woman has become warped and misunderstood. Amongst the debate for immigration and foreign policy, a set stereotype has been created of the Muslim woman. This stereotype does not capture the true essence of her or the experience she has in today’s society. Disappointingly, an image […]

Aysha Muslim Revert
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Muslim Hating Right-Wing Italian Politician’s Own Daughter Converts To Islam

Quran says “They plan and Allah plans. Surely Allah is the best of planners!” It seems like this is what exactly happened in the case of ex MP of Italy and multiple times elected Mayor named Franco Barbato. Although not much is known about how exactly his daughter Manuela reverted to Islam. However her Facebook page […]