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5 Massive Misconceptions About Muslim Women

At a time when the world is ripe with Islamophobia the image of a Muslim woman has become warped and misunderstood. Amongst the debate for immigration and foreign policy, a set stereotype has been created of the Muslim woman. This stereotype does not capture the true essence of her or the experience she has in today’s society. Disappointingly, an image […]

Ramadan & Cure of Diabetes - Hidden Pearls
The Hijab Diaries

Ramadan (Fasting) – A Way To Cure Diabetes And Repair The Pancreas

Could fasting that was prescribed by the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (saw) more than 1400 years ago hold the cure to one of the most of the epidemic diseases of the modern lifestyle? Contents1 Diabetes, Should I really care?2 So what exactly is Ramadan?3 What we know about health benefits of fasting today! Diabetes, Should I […]